Are Flower Girl Dresses Supposed to be White?

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Beyond doubt, besides the brides and groom walking down on aisle, the one guaranteed to get the most oohs and aahs on your wedding ceremony, is your flower girl! 

Traditionally, a flower girl’s dress will resemble the bride’s, whereas a bridesmaid’s dress usually varies more. However, since this is only tradition and not a written rule, you by no means need to stick to this.

What’s nice about matching, or at least bearing some resemblance to, the bride’s dressing gown is that it creates cohesion in the wedding party and creates an aesthetically pleasing unity that’s perfect for wedding photos. If coordinating with the bride’s gown, it’s likely the Flower Girl will need to wear a shade of white or cream; these colours are great blank canvases which can be mixed and matched with a range of other colours. 

Despite the more conservative flower girl etiquette which still exists and can be fun to indulge in for a day, you don’t just have to play by the rules. More and more people are opening up to the idea of doing something different and putting their own unique stamp on things. So do Flower Girl dresses have to be white? : the answer to the question quite simply is no. There’s plenty of options if you do choose white, but also lots of options (and arguably more) if you choose something different.

Admittedly, it can be nice to stick to long-upheld traditions and honour the past, however both the world and the fashion industry are changing so quickly that we are fortunate enough to have a huge range of options open to us nowadays; weddings are becoming more creative and progressive, and the enormous choice of clothing options gives everyone a chance to find what’s right for them.


Blush Flower Girl Dresses

Choose the color of a flower girl dress in accordance with your wedding theme! Thus if you are a fan of pink color and plan to add it to your wedding decorations, a blush pink Flower Girl dress will be an awesome option. Or a dusty rose Flower Girl dress in accordance with your refined dusty rose fall wedding colors.

Blush Pink Flower Girl Dress Boho Wedding Rustic


Navy Flower Girl Dresses

Wedding trends come and go, but navy blue is always the classic wedding color that never fades! No matter what season it is, you can never go wrong with a navy blue palette! Furthermore, navy blue can work very well with almost all other colors, from pastel colors like blush pink to vintage burgundy.

Navy Flower Girl Dress Boho Wedding Rustic


Sage Green Flower Girl Dresses

Chic and elegant green always has strong correspondence with freshness, harmony and vitality! Feeling in the mood for natural fibres? If so, let yourself be inspired by a sage green Flower Girl dress in linen or cotton.

Sage Green Flower Girl Dress Boho Wedding


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