10 Unique Things Flower Girls Can Carry Down The Aisle

You’ve chosen your perfect Flower Girl? Now you need to choose what she’ll be carrying down the aisle with her. While many still decide to go with the traditional flower basket filled with petals, many others are choosing to have their Flower Girl carry something different. If you're one of the latest, here are a few ideas for you!

1. Mini Bridesmaid Bouquet

Just as the Flower Girls sometimes wear younger-style versions of the bridesmaid dresses, it may also be a fun alternative for them to carry mini-versions of the bridesmaids’ bouquet. This is something that will make them feel like the “big girls”.

Flower Girl Wedding Bouquet Flowers

2. Floral Pomander

Another very popular item for Flower Girls to carry down the aisle is a floral pomander, or “kissing balls” as they are sometimes referred to. Visually pleasing and set apart from a bouquet, pomanders are quite sweet and create an angelic vibe. Choose pomander flower balls instead of baskets for your flower girls. You can utilize different flowers or materials to create the pomander of your choice.

Flower Girl Pomander Wedding Flowers

3. Hoop Bouquet

They're half-floral arrangement, half-accessory and they're the bloom-centric trend that's on just about every bride's radar right now. And there's no limit to their variety. Whether you're searching for a full circle of lush, verdant blooms or a minimal, metallic arrangement featuring just a few, there's an option you're sure to love.

Flower Girl Hoop Bouquet Wedding Ceremony

4. Pets

Definitely the most adorable flower basket alternative! If your pet does well with strangers and your flower girl is comfortable with animals, consider having her carry, walk, or cart them down the aisle. Incorporating pets into a wedding is always a lovely crowd-pleaser. This is the perfect way to keep your Flower Girl happy, as well as include your furry best friend in the ceremony.


Flower Girl with Dog Wedding Ceremony

5. Balloons

Balloons aren’t just for kid’s birthday parties. A Flower girl carrying balloons can make a fantastic visual! Without limitation of size, shapes and designs, the balloons will definitely be magical in photos and a colorful treat for your Flower Girl to enjoy as she makes her way towards the front of the ceremony aisle. Just be sure to tie the balloon to her wrist if she’s smaller so that it doesn’t fly away and make her cry!

Flower Girl Balloons Wedding Ceremony

6. Confetti

Your Flower Girl can kick off your entrance with colorful confetti tossed all over the aisle. She will have a blast throwing it! If your photographer is uber-talented, you'll probably get some beautiful photos of her smiles as she throws confetti.

Flower Girl Confetti Wedding Ceremony

7. A Candle or Lantern

Older Flower Girls can probably handle carrying a flame, but for littler Flower Girls, try flameless candles.


Flower Girl Lantern Wedding Ceremony

8. Bubbles

How brilliant this idea of Flower Girls blowing bubbles as walking down the aisle is! Give your Flower Girl a bottle of bubble solution and a wand and let her blow beautiful little bubbles. Minimal cleanup and easy to use, bubbles will float romantically in the air! Simply magical!

Flower Girl Blowing Bubbles Wedding Ceremony

Anna Kim Photography

9. Kisses

Instead of carrying anything at all, it may be cute to simply have your Flower Girl throw kisses to your guests. Tell her that you want her to wave to the people, throw them kisses, and look pretty. Your guests will eat it up—and it will multiply the cuteness if you have more than one Flower Girl!

Flower Girl Blowing Kisses Wedding Ceremony

10. A Photograph of a Passed Relative

If you're looking for a way to remember someone dear to your heart who is no longer with you or who couldn't make it to the wedding, you can have your Flower Girl carry a picture frame with his or her photo inside down the aisle. This may seem like a strange idea, but it’s actually very touching.

Header Image by Wiley Putnam

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