4 Points to Consider Before Choosing a Flower Girl

Seeing Flower Girls make their entrance is something every guest loves to watch. That's why it's important to give some careful thought to who you'll choose as part of your wedding. Even if you already have a Flower Girl in mind, you might be wondering about the specific things to consider. Whatever your situation, we've got answers. 


1. Consider the Flower Girl’s Age

Age doesn't matter in many situations. When it comes to choosing flower girls, however, age does matter! Traditionally, a flower girl should be between the ages of three and eight years old. This ensures that she is mature enough to handle the responsibility of walking down the aisle while still being young enough to differentiate from a bridesmaid. Young girls over the age of 8 may prefer to be junior bridesmaids rather than Flower Girls.

Young children can be unpredictable and may not follow the program. Girls in the three to five age bracket are very precious, though they may require a little extra guidance to get down the aisle. Younger children are also more likely to become shy and nervous at the wedding, so keep that in mind as you’re making your decision. If you are a stickler for detail, you may want to play it safe and choose an older flower girl as she might take direction better and be less likely to experience anxiety. 

Wedding guests generally appreciate the cute and spontaneous behavior of the little ones. If you are ready to accept possible tiny mishaps, then choose the younger flower girls. Just enjoy the experience - whatever happens! A dropped basket may spill a few petals but it won't turn your wedding upside-down. Note that two-year-olds and infants are more likely to need a parent, an older flower girl or a bridesmaid to escort (or carry) them down the aisle.

Finally, parents of particularly young children should be seated near the front of the venue on the aisle, so that kids can see mom or dad while processing. Kids can always sit with their parents after they’ve completed their duties, rather than standing with the rest of the wedding party where they might become restless.


2. Consider the Relationship you Have With your Flower Girl

More important than the age of your flower girl candidate is the relationship you and your fiancé have with her. Choosing your wedding party is all about incorporating people that are important in your lives, and choosing a flower girl is no exception to this rule! 

Weddings are about relationships and families so relatives should be a top priority when choosing flower girls. You may find a flower girl on either your or your partner's side of the family. If there aren't any young family members or none suited to the role, then consider the children of close friends.

When your flower girl already has an existing relationship with you, she will subsequently feel comfortable in your presence. This familiarity will possibly allow her to feel less anxious on the big day. 


3. Consider the Flower Girl's Personality

Weddings are filled with new, unfamiliar faces that can easily make a young girl feel shy, intimidated or, even, agitated. Surely you want your flower girls throwing petals, not tantrums? If so, personality should play a big part in your decision-making process. Not all flower girls have to exude confidence, but it's important that they'll be comfortable walking alone in front of a group of adults.

It’s advisable to pick a flower girl who’s generally cheerful, friendly with other kids and who feels at ease around a large group of people. You might also want to consider whether or not she has been included in weddings before. If she has experience, she’ll be more relaxed showering the walkway with flowers, holding those here comes the bride’ signboards and, most importantly, following instructions.


4. Consider Having More than One Flower Girl

If you're fortunate to have many flower girl options, it's often best to err on the side of caution with regard to family politics. Many couples choose to have multiple flower girls in this case, so as to avoid hurt feelings for both the little girls and their parents.

There’s no rule stating how many flower girls you can have, but we recommend sticking to three or four flower girls at the most to prevent your wedding party from becoming too big. 

If there's a range of ages, the girls tend to look after one another and encourage each other to complete the task at hand. This works really well if you have, say, a couple of six- to eight-year-old girls walking down the aisle with a toddler, or an older child pull two or three little ones in a wagon.

One can never underestimate the power of friendship, especially amongst kids! Choosing two flower girls who are already friends will make things a lot easier. The buddy system will make them forget the jitters and focus on having fun. If the girls you’re eyeing aren’t friends yet, you can invite them over to a girls’ day out together with your bridesmaids to break the ice.

Now that you have your have their names in mind, are you ready to propose to them?


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